Jamie Jones
Hello, my name is Jamie. I’ve traveled around the sun 30 + times and was born on February 1, 19 – -. I’m currently living in Southern California with my wonderful boyfriend of five years, Tristan. I’m a self taught web designer with a little over 10 years of experience in web design and web development. on January 18, 2014, I found myself enrolling to be a student at Mt. San Jacinto College where I am pursuing an associates degree in Computer Information Systems With An Emphasis Study In Web Development. As an added bonus, I earned an apprentice certificate in web development in January of 2016.

I’m an open-minded, truthful, compassionate, nice, caring and understanding individual who over time has become a more logical person thanks to Tristan and college. I’m also an ambidextrous, an ambivert, an artist, an author, an baptized Christian, an cat lover, an digital artist, an individual who loves the singer named Meat Loaf and the actor Harrison Ford.

I am one of those types of people who refuses to hold a grudge for whatever reason due to a misunderstanding on either persons behalf. I also try to place myself into their shoes to see what it was I had said or done to cause them to be angry with me. I dislike confrontations, and also drama, even though I might discuss drama from time to time, I still don’t like it as I feel that it’s a stressful topic to discuss period.

I’m the type of person who gives more than a second to those who may or may not deserve these chances in life, but I try to be kind to everyone, even if it means at times I get angry for being provoked about something stupid and in return for that action my reaction would be to say something stupid and regret I have done so.

About Jaymee.blog

After much debate and torment, I finally made the final decision to buy jaymee.blog. I made this decision as means to start anew with my blogging experiences and hope that in time, I can improve my topics for my blog instead of being redundant about certain elements that I’ve posted since the year 1998. This blog was purchased on January 26, 2018 and made sure to think it through before actually buying it as I didn’t want another impulse buy as I have done so many times before. Even though I’ve made the final decision, I don’t have any regrets with the purchase, my name being spelled differently, or anything. Jaymee.blog is a new blog and a new start to become a better blogger than I was years ago.

In the past, my blogs mostly consisted of topics about my life in general or the current event that was taking place or had taken place. Over time, this started to become torturous to me as I felt that I had nothing to say most of the time, which left my blog with a post from a previous month. There’s been a few occasions where I felt that blogging was starting to become a chore and it shouldn’t feel or be that way. After realizing that this was torturing me to try and stay up to date, I decided to take a break from blogging to regroup my thoughts and what I actually wanted out of blogging and be happy with. Over time, I found a blogger that basically posted certain topics that allowed her to make her posts exciting and not boring. Upon realizing this, I found myself visiting her blog on a daily basis to see what she had posted for that time period. After visiting her blog often and actually reading her posts, I actually realized that in some way or form I related to what she was blogging about. This is something that I have been wanting to do with my blog, but I never knew what topics to write about until now. In order to keep my blog exciting and make the readers want to come back for more, I will be writing about certain topics that my readers can definitely relate to on some level as I have with this blogger.