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Hello world (again)!
January 27, 2018 Lifestyle

If you’ve been following me and my blogging journey, you’d realize that throughout the previous years, I’ve managed to change the destination of my blog’s url to a new domain more times than I care to actually admit. Even though I’ve changed my blog’s url more times than I care to admit, I do have several good reasons as to why. Some of these domain name changes were to simply try and rid myself of that troll/harasser I had gained back in 2014 when I decided to bring my blog back as I was going to start community college on January 18, 2014, and I thought it’d be a good way to share my experiences of what I’m doing, what I did, and the like. It started off fine, but soon after, I gained a stalker who harassed me on a daily basis because they had nothing better to do with their time. Due to gaining this troll, I thought it would be wise to try and rid myself of this person(s) right away by purchasing a new domain. Honestly, my plan backfired as this person(s) kept finding out what my new domain name was, even when I told a few friends to not link my domain until I’m ready, which those I had told actually upheld my wish.

During the remaining of the year 2017, I discovered a new friend and had seen what she had done with the several sites she had. I was debating on whether or not to do the same with mine after being inspired by her and also through my good friend Lucien. After discovering my other friend’s sites, it was what inspired me to purchase even more domains and use them for certain ideas such as a fanlisting collective, a network collective, a resume type of thing, and so on. However, as time went on, I started to become a little indifferent about this idea of owning more than 3 domains at a time. In fact, it was kind of driving me a bit off the wall. Seriously, I don’t know how you guys do it with owning more than 3 domains at a time. Well, for a month straight, I’ve been in debate as to what I should do with the domains that I have purchased and what not. I’ve even asked a few of my friends as to what I should with certain domains. Eventually, it was up to myself as to what I should with them. After tearing down my blog on and moving it to, I yet again made that decision to move my blog to a new home and that’s this domain’s url I’ve also decided to let my fanlisting collective go as my heart wasn’t in owning a fanlisting collective, unlike it used to be. Knowing the fact that you have to wait a month for an update on what has been approved and what hasn’t or what’s in the troubles and what’s not was not fun to me. Also the part of having to wait and see if your fanlisting that you applied for was approved or not was not fun for me as well. Over time, I think the excitement of just owning a fanlisting collective wore off and therefore decided to just tear it down (of course, I saved a general backup of my copies and what not of the domain). The other thing that has been in debate was what I should do with my domain What should I use it for? Or should I let it expire and get something else in return? I’ve literally debated with myself about this domain for a couple of months and also asked a few people as to what I should do. One person finally said that I should keep it and use it as a playground of sorts or like a creative repository (like that of my friend’s domain Affelius‘s site, which she’s more than okay with me doing as I’ve discussed several possibilities with her as to what I should with and that’s the conclusion we both came up with. Mind you, will most likely be up, but it will be a pretty slow process as I’m in my hopefully last semester and really need to focus on my math homework and stay on top of that.

After much decision making, much debate, I’ve finally let go of,, and, and kept Even though I’ve purchased, I’ve decided to let that go and use another domain that I’ve purchase as a network site and that’s Even though these domains were purchased month after month, I don’t regret anything, not even my decisions to close down certain domains and/or my fanlisting collective. By doing this, it gives me more time and freedom to do other things that I want to do instead of wondering whether or not my fanlisting has been approved, and what have you. Again, none of my decisions are regrettable and none of the purchases I’ve made are regrettable. Each domain I’ve purchased either in the past or now all has a meaning to them or a purpose to them. Now, off I go to do something productive be site it wise or continuing on and reading two more chapters from my music book.

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