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CRUD…never thought this term could mean something so cool!

April 13, 2018

Blogging, General, Web Development

I’d like to believe that I am one very lucky person to have a boyfriend who actually loves to read books and takes pride in learning the new things he has read in the programming world and in return helps me to make my websites better than they were before. For instance, he’s learned so many programming languages that he’s actually making my project better than what I could have made it. I feel awesome because I get to benefit from all the knowledge that he shares with me, and it’s helping me to make my websites a whole lot cooler than they were before.

Back when I first started to code, create, and design my own designs in 1998 and then my WordPress designs in 2003, I never saw the need to actually learn JavaScript (although, I actually do regret not learning this language when I was learning HTML and CSS) as my blog back then was nothing fancy and was just a simply static webpage like all the rest. I also never had the desire to even learn JavaScript due to the fact that my math skills suck, and again never saw the need for it.

It wasn’t until years later when Tristan and I decided to actually attend college that my knowledge of developing software started to evolve. During this time, I had to learn the C# programming language, SQL Databases, The ASP.NET web framework, and some other various knowledge about web development.

During all these years that I have blogged with several different content management systems like Greymatter and of course WordPress I probably should have at least learned the programming language JavaScript just in case if someone actually could have used my help, which a few years back, someone did approach me and actually did need my help but I had no knowledge in the programming language JavaScript, which made me feel guilty that I couldn’t help this blogger and friend out at that time, and this was all due to being lazy and not wanting to learn the programming language.

Since Tristan and I have been attending Mt. San Jacinto College since 2014 and he’s made the degree change to my once upon a time major Computer Science, I was actually introduced to a new acronym. This acronym that I was introduced to is titled C.R.U.D. If you don’t know what the acronym C.R.U.D actually stands for… it actually stands for Create, Read, Update, and Delete, which is exactly what you do with the content or “data” of your content management system.

To be quite honest, I’ve heard of this acronym quite a few times before, but it never really caught my interest until now, due to actually owning a blog that has since made many changes and actually uses JavaScript, and no longer functions as a static webpage as it once did in 1998 and in 2003. Thanks to Tristan and all the knowledge he’s gained from reading just a few books on different programming languages, and to the developers who created these wonderful software systems we use to blog with. Pretty interesting that they came up with such a simple acronym to remember for such a complicated way of manipulating data.

If you know me and have followed my blogging journey since 1998, you’d know that I always love learning something new, and with that said I ask you this question – “Do you guys know of any other acronyms that I may not know and care to share with me?”

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