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Posted on: December 18, 2017 Filed Under: Babbles, General, Internet, Life

How I got my email address…

Since the year 1998, I’ve had quite a number of email addresses, and all of which had some kind of meaning behind the usernames. During my many email addresses that I’ve had since that time period, only a few are still in use, while the others simply were deactivated, have forgotten about, or have lost their passwords. Whatever the reasons maybe due to having all these email addresses over the span of my being on the Internet, all of them have some sort of meaning, which only a few people online have ever asked about.

To be quite Frank with you all, it wasn’t until recently that my newest email address has been the topic of most conversations when and if prompted to enter an email address at a store, pharmacy, my health insurance company, or what have you. In fact, my new email address has even shocked a few people and made their eyes bulge out because it wasn’t something they were really expecting 1. I hate to just give out my email address like this for all to see, but in order to know what I am talking about, my new email address is dudeilostmykeys[at]gmail.com. The only possible explanation that I can think of as to how this email address came to be is the fact that there has been a few times throughout my life where I have definitely lost my keys and could not for the life of me find them 2 , it just so happens that my keys are usually the last place I left them and not even realizing it at the time.

Quite a few weeks ago, I was talking to either a receptionist or a teller either at my health insurance company or where I do my banking 3 but as soon as the receptionist or teller heard me say my email address, she paused and laughed. She actually asked me if it was okay for me to explain how I got my email address’ username and I said “Sure, not a problem.” Apparently, this woman likes to know how one gets their email address. I told her that there’s been several cases when I have been taken home from school and could not for the life of figure out what happened to my keys. I then proceed to tell her that because my keys have been misplaced or forgotten at home on my desk, I have been locked out quite a number of times, until I can actually get my grandmother to come back or wait for my dad to come home from work to let me inside. I also thought of the movie that I haven’t seen yet 4 “Dude, where’s my car?” For this email address, there’s two stories as to how I got the username and that was it. As soon as I was done explaining my story, she just giggled and said that it was a unique email address, which in reality it really is. It’s such a unique email address that it doesn’t have any numbers, which all my previous email addresses have had numbers either in the front, middle, or end and always confused people. The one time I actually wanted to have an email address without any numbers is the only thing that came to mind when thinking of a username for it and this was it “Dude I lost my keys.”

Do you have any usernames or email addresses that have meaning to them and shock people? Please let me know.

  1. Especially coming from a female.
  2. This same notion goes with my phone.
  3. Honestly, I can’t remember what place I was asked this.
  4. Yes, I know it’s quite an old movie, but I find it a bit dumb.