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Version 2.0 Pastels
March 20, 2018 Theme Design

It seems as if I haven’t written a blog post in months, the truth is, it’s only been about a month and a half since my last blog post, which was written on February 16, entitled Two Heads Are Better Than One. If you don’t remember what that particular blog post was about, it was mainly about my coming to a realization that I am benefiting from Tristan learning web development as he always teaches me whatever HTML and CSS tricks he has learned at that time . Life at the moment seems to be a bit chaotic for both Tristan and me due to our last semester of college starting back on January 18th. What does that mean? This simply means that any extra free time is over until May 20th. Even though my free time might be over, I still find some time to have fun and not go completely nuts. This means that when I do happen to find some free time aside from studying and doing homework, I tend to either watch television with Tristan, listen to music, or create themes for my websites. Speaking of creating themes for my websites, if you haven’t noticed yet, there’s a brand new theme on this blog titled “Pastels” or “Spring Pastels.” I’m still deciding on the theme name. Anyways, I’d like to discuss some important key factors on this new theme of mine.

Quite a few months ago, I had created a theme that displayed a grid like setting with a snippet or excerpt of the actual blog post. It wasn’t long after that, I decided to use a different set of colors that I haven’t really used before as if you guys can recall, I’m getting a bit burned out by using the same color scheme over and over again. However, I found it a bit difficult trying to find a color scheme that I actually liked, which took me awhile before I did find one. At that time, I tried to create a WordPress theme from scratch, which would have worked, if it had a certain feature that one of my older themes from the past had. Since that particular theme did not have that feature, I’ve decided to go ahead and save it for the time being on my flash drive and created a new theme using an old WordPress template/theme I created years ago. This allowed me to have that reply link feature in the comments section that I’ve wanted to use in my newly created from scratch theme, but alas, it only existed within the older themes. Since I recreated a new theme, I entitled the theme “Dabble Of Colors” as the color scheme that I had used were bright and cheerful colors. Even though this theme was used for a short time, I still loved it and decided to create a different theme as I needed something to do with my spare time.

Color and Typography

Even though I am getting tired of using the color green and its family, I’m still finding myself referring back to that particular family, as I’m just finding it harder and harder to be 100% satisfied with a color scheme that I actually can stand looking at. After doing some extensive research on color schemes, I have had some coding help from not just Tristan but from my friends who are also web developers and are amazingly gifted in this field. If it weren’t for their help, I probably would not have these awesome colors and fonts that I am currently using with this theme. This particular theme uses Pastel colors that reminds me of Spring, which I was kind enough to actually put together a color palette for you guys to see exactly what colors I had used with this theme, which you can view below:

As far as the fonts goes, I used several of them from Google Fonts Directory. The main font that I seem to have fallen in love with and have used quite often is the font Abhaya Libre, which is a sans-serif font. I have also used the fonts Hind Madurai, and also the font Libre Franklin, which are also sans-serif fonts that were used throughout the theme.

Main Navigation

I actually had a little bit of trouble with the navigation menu. To be quite Frank, I had no idea what to do and tried just about everything from links to social media icons also known as Font awesome Icons back to links again. Apparently, the links ruled out all of the other ideas I had tried, which I feel that using links in the navigation menu would make things easier on myself and also my readers.

100% Mobile Friendly!

This one is an extremely HUGE accomplishment for me. When Responsive Web Design started to make its way into our websites and stylesheets, I didn’t really know much about it except how to link the viewport, which was all due to my taking a web development level 1 class (Introduction To HtML and CSS). If it wasn’t for my curiosity and interest in learning how to create responsive web designs, and asking my online friends who are also web designers/developers for their help if they knew anything about Responsive Web Design, I probably would not have the knowledge to create mobile friendly themes and would most likely be stuck using WordPress plugins that literally does the work for you. However, I learned how to create Responsive Web Design through researching the Internet and also watching countless YouTube videos on the subject. Thanks to my curiosity and motivation to learn Responsive Web Design and knowing that most people have smartphones and uses their smartphones more than anything else, I now know how to create my themes and also my WordPress themes to be mobile friendly. Since knowing that there are other devices out there besides desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, I decided to do one last search as to how to create my theme to be completely responsive on all devices, and it seriously didn’t take long for my search to be over. I found what I was looking for on Stack Overflow.

Final Result?

Since creating my theme and it being completely responsive on all devices, I have asked around as to creating a mock up with all the devices with my theme. A friend of mine on Twitter, recommended me to several websites, which the first one I used to create a mock up template is a website called Am I Responsive. Seriously, I never realized how good it feels to just ask around and wait it out to see if someone would actually answer my questions for me.

And the credit goes to…

I’m very thankful for the knowledge I have gained for HTML and CSS from learning through tutorial sites such as,, my web development classes, my web development professor, my web designer/developer friends, and also my boyfriend Tristan for teaching me more and more knowledge about web design. If it weren’t for my friends introducing me to blogging back in the year 1998, learning how to code through tutorials, blogging on different content management systems, and then learning how to code themes in WordPress, I don’t think nor believe I’d have the passion that still drives me every day to learn how to create elegant themes and websites, such as the theme you’re currently viewing.

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