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Two heads are better than one…

Tristan and I have spent three long, trying, yet wonderful years, at our college Mt. San Jacinto College. When Tristan and I started MSJC on January 18, 2014, which seems as if it were only yesterday, we went to the campus without really knowing what to expect or what options we had when we first started attending college together. Believe it or not, both Tristan and I have changed our majors only once whereas most students would change theirs at least 3-4 times before making that final decision as to what to major in. Once we’ve established what majors we were majoring in, which at first Tristan’s major was Electrical Engineering, as he has a strong and solid passion for math, science, and art; whereas my major originally was Computer Science as I have a strong and solid passion for anything web design, and of course, art. Now unbeknownce to me, I didn’t really know what my major really consisted of, I just assumed (which I hate doing) it covered all aspects of web design, which in a way it does, but not what I had originally thought.

After a few semesters to a year, we realized that these majors we had signed up for weren’t cutting it and weren’t really what we wanted in life. Upon realizing this mistake in our majors, we’ve decided to make an appointment with our STEM counselor and we talked about what was bothering us with our choice in majors. Our STEM counselor informed me that what I had thought about Computer Science being related to web design was completely wrong, and I became distraught as I had no idea if they had anything for me to major in after hearing that. After hearing what Computer Science really is, Tristan decided to change his major to Computer Science, and I was left in the dust a bit with choosing my new major. It wasn’t long after that I found classes for web development and decided to take just the two classes, and on the first day of web development level 1, I noticed that our school actually had a web design degree. After realizing this and seeing it on a sign in the tech building at our school, I had a talk with Tristan and we both decided that that was the degree I needed to major in. It wasn’t long after figuring that out, we set up another appointment with our STEM counselor once again and asked about the web design degree, which in turn we found out is not an actual degree but an understudy of another. That was all I needed to know in order to change my major. I went from being a Computer Science major to a Computer Information Systems with an emphasis study on Internet Authoring or Web Development major. Believe me, this was probably my best decisions I could have done for myself as with the computer science major, I had to go through a lot of remedial math classes and up to linear algebra, and since I have a hard time with math itself, I cut a lot of those math classes off, and the only math class I have left to pass is Intermediate Algebra, and I get my degree.

When I had learned that Tristan was changing his major from Electrical Engineering to what originally was my major – Computer Science – I somewhat panicked and wasn’t all that supportive in the beginning. I made myself to not be supportive about his decision to be the back end programming language guy is I completely feared he would soon transition into my field that I have been self taught in for ten years plus, and knowing how he learns incredibly fast as he reads books and yes I find that rare as most people only reads tutorials online and to me they’re half the time half-assed tutorials that still has unresolved issues, and on top of that, these same people also read e-books, which I have tried but have hurt my eyes after awhile of doing so. (probably a bit faster than I learn as he’s more on the mathematical and scientific side of things and understands it more so than me). Even though I had given myself this fear, it is far from what I expected.

I had jumped the gun and made myself believe that one day he would want to create themes, choose color schemes, and leave me in the dust. However, that’s not the case at all and I feared that for no reason whatsoever. Even though I have ten years plus of being a self taught web developer, I have only some experience in a few programming languages such as C# and JavaScript, which I had taken both to receive one out of two certificates in web development. I might be a self taught and now certified web designer/developer, I had no right to not be supportive of Tristan’s learning these amazing programing languages such as C++, a little of Python, a little of PHP, C#. The case being is that Tristan is a fantastic back end programmer who has a heart of gold and has taught me a few things about the programming languages he’s learned over the months and years while completing his studies. There wasn’t a need to worry nor to be jealous or fearful that he’d take over my passion, which is not even his passion, his passion is to code cool things and make them fully functional either on my websites or when he gets brave enough to have his own website, his website.

Honestly, I jumped the gun and feared the worst about his decision to become a computer science major as again I thought he would take over my passion, but he’s not like that. He wants us to be a team where I can still have my passion in creating themes, choosing its colors, and designing the interface whereas he codes the behind scenes aspects of the themes and websites. After realizing that I had jumped the gun and became fearful for nothing, I am fully 100% supportive of whatever decisions Tristan makes as I benefit from his decisions as well.

Since we have entered our final semester of college, and all the while learning programming languages and creating websites on the side for fun, we’re expected to graduate either at the end of 2018 or in the year of 2019 with our new majors. Lesson learned during our time at Mt. San Jacinto CollegeTwo heads are better than one.